Wizards Wipe Down Matte Paint Detailer 01220

Wizards Wipe Down Matte Finish Detailer 01220 | MES


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Matte finishes require a special matte detailer.  

Wizards Wipe Down is specifically formulated as a no-shine quick cleaner for all matte finishes, including flat clears, powder coats, satin primer, denim and even suede! 

Wipe Down is a no-gloss, dual purpose product. 

Automotive and motorcycle detailers use it to quickly remove dust, fingerprints, road grime and oily residue from all matte finishes.

Body shop technicians use Wipe Down to remove oily residue, dust, and other contaminants from panels.

Save time and money

By removing the oily film, you can actually see what stage the project is in.  Quickly identifying any 'missed areas' and finishing panels, eliminating the need to re-buff after washing!