Wizards Metal Polish 11011
Wizards Metal Polish 11011 | MES Detailing Supplies - MES PAINT

Wizards Metal Polish 11011 | MES Detailing Supplies


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Polishes most metal surfaces

Simple to use fast-cut polish that works on most metal surfaces.  Provides excellent results when used on aluminum, chrome*, stainless, brass, copper, gold*, bronze, pewter, silver*, coated wheels and magnesium. 

Benefits of using Wizards Metal Polish

  • Second to none quick cutting action and mirror-like gloss finish. 
  • Removes tarnish, corrosion, brake dust, oxidation, tar and other hard-to-remove surface imperfections.
  • Metal Polish has strong anti-caking properties, will not build up during application
  • Safe on most metal surfaces - will not dull or scratch
  • Designed to keep polishing when others stop!