Mother's PowerCone 360

Mother's Power Cone 360


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Mothers PowerCone is designed to make quick work of uncoated, polishable metal finish, no matter how intricate the design. Its conical shape provides an infinite range of sizes for easy access to tight, difficult-to-reach areas while the long, tapered side is perfect for polishing broad, curved surfaces. Combined with your favorite Mothers metal polish the PowerCone gives you a deep mirror-like shine in less time.
  • Easiest and fastest way to polish metal surfaces
  • Versatile cone shape adapts to the widest range of surfaces
  • Use with the Mothers Metal Polish of your choice
  • Long Lasting
  • Use with any variable sped drill
  • Diameter : 4 In
  • Length : 6.25 In
  • Material : Foam
  • Thickness : 4 In
  • Width : 4 In