Mark V Dazzle Carnauba Cream Wax

Mark V Dazzle Carnauba Cream Wax Gallon

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Dazzle Carnauba Cream Wax

A professional grade product

that is easy to use and achieves great results.

Can be used by hand or machine

to create a "dazzling" showroom, long-lasting finish.  Works great on removing light swirl marks with a buffer and pad.  Use on new or slightly rusted vehicles to brighten and seal in one step

Fortified with polymers

to resist detergents and road salt. It even works in high humidity areas when other products smear. Non-smearing all-weather formula.

Lasts for 3 - 4 months

Seal and protect your paint job, with this final step after polishing.

Strength 3 Longevity 6