Evercoat Z-Grip Body Filler 282 - MES PAINT

Evercoat Z-Grip Body Filler 282


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The EverCoat Z-Grip Non-Clog Lightweight Filler is a Metalworks product that has ZNX-7 to provide good adhesion and feather-edging on metals like bare steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum that have undergone corrosion treatment. It can be used along with other Metalworks products, and it will maintain corrosion warranties. This lightweight filler has a smooth and creamy texture that enables it to spread well. Vacuum processing increases shelf life and diminishes the appearance of pinholes.

This clog-free formula provides enhanced sanding due to Hattonite content and does not clog sandpaper. Use it for heavy filling and it can also repair damaged panels up to a depth of 1/4". It allows for quick cutting of abrasives, thus cutting down labor costs. This lightweight filler includes a blue cream hardener. It comes in a .8 gallon (3 liters) can.

Key Features of the EverCoat Z-Grip Non-Clog Lightweight Filler:

  • Tack-free and lightweight body filler
  • Clog-free formula improves sanding
  • Exceptional featheredge adhesion
  • Prevents peel back in the course of sanding
  • Contains Hattonite for quick and superior sanding
  • Enables optimal adhesion to substrates like galvanized steel, bare steel, aluminum, SMC, and E-coats
  • Blue cream hardener included (Add your free product in the cart during checkout).
  • Vacuum processed to minimize pinholes