Evercoat Red Putty 1lb Tube 403 - MES PAINT

Evercoat Red Putty 1lb Tube 403


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  • Ever-Glaze and Spot Putty
  • Container Type Tube
  • Touch Dry Time 5 Minute
  • Container Capacity 1 Pound
  • Application Flexible Putty Knife or Plastic Spreader, Apply Material in Several Thin Coat
  • Appearance Paste
  • Sand Time 30 to 40 Minute

Features / Benefits

  • EVER-GLAZE is a nitrocellulose, single component spot putty to fill sand scratches, file marks and other imperfections, not completely filled by the primer surface
  • Fast drying and easy sanding. Shrink-resistant formula
  • Dries smooth Superior color holdout
  • Fast drying, red lacquer putty
  • Spreads smoothly and sands easily with minimal shrinkage